CEO Greetings

Maritime Finance Global Leader

Korea Ocean Business Corporation

Kim Yang-soo
I am Yang-Soo Kim,
the President of the Korea Ocean Business Corporation (KOBC).

As the sole maritime finance specialist in the country, the Korea Ocean Business Corporation supports the growth of our maritime industry through a variety of financial and non-financial businesses related to shipping, ports, and logistics, thereby contributing to the national economic development.

Currently, our maritime industry faces a period of significant change and challenge due to intensified international environmental regulations, supply chain reorganization, increased geopolitical risks in international affairs, and the move towards integrated logistics companies by global competitive shipping companies.

The Corporation is committed to actively implementing the following policies to ensure the unwavering development and growth of our country's maritime industry:

Firstly, we will strengthen support projects to overcome the downturn in the shipping market. Utilizing the shipping industry crisis response fund, which amounts to up to 1 trillion KRW, we aim to serve as a safety net for the shipping industry during low economic times through liquidity supply and support for restructuring. By utilizing ship finance projects (S&LB) and public shipowner projects, we will prevent the low-priced sale of national shipping companies' vessels abroad, and for small and medium-sized shipping companies vulnerable to crises, we will increase the total project cost of the "Special Support Program for Small and Medium-sized Shipping Companies" to 500 billion KRW and expand the scope of support.

Secondly, we will further strengthen support for compliance with international maritime environmental regulations. We plan to expand the support scale of the green ship policy fund and the ship finance project to facilitate the introduction of eco-friendly ships by national shipping companies. In addition, we will proceed with the purchase of ESG green bonds for support of eco-friendly investments by national shipping companies, the establishment of a ship carbon emission data management system, and the promotion of eco-friendly voucher support projects.

Thirdly, we will expand investment support for port and logistics infrastructure. To transform our ports into eco-friendly and smart ports, we will pursue support projects for carbon-neutral infrastructure construction in ports and investment support projects for equipment and facilities for digital system establishment. Concurrently, we plan to expand financial projects for overseas logistics infrastructure investment to reduce logistics costs and enhance the logistics competitiveness of our companies that are expanding overseas due to global supply chain restructuring.

Lastly, we will continue to pursue public sector management innovation. As a maritime finance specialist, we will further strengthen our comprehensive financial function capabilities based on diversified funding methods, systematic fund management and operation, and enhanced internal controls.

Furthermore, we will actively promote the ESG management system adoption support project for small and medium-sized shipping companies, aiming to spread the Corporation's ESG management system throughout the industry.

All employees of the Korea Ocean Business Corporation believe that there are opportunities within crises and will always do our utmost to enhance the global competitiveness of our country's maritime industry.
Thank you. Korea Ocean Business Corporation,CEO Kim Yang-soo