Charter of Human Rights Management

KOBC Human Rights Management Charter

Korea Ocean Business
Human Rights
Management Charter

2019. 12. 10.

As an organization contributing to development of the national economy by strengthening shipping competitiveness, we fulfill our social responsibilities through human rights management that promotes human dignity and value in all our business activities. We pursue sustainable development together with our stakeholders.

With this in mind, we pledge to enact and practice the following 「Human Rights Management Charter」
as a standard of behavior and value judgment that all employees must follow:

  • One. we respect and support international standards and norms on human rights, including the UN Universal Declaration of
    Human Rights.
  • One. we prevent human rights violations and strive to implement preventative remedies.
  • One. we do not discriminate based on race, religion, disability, gender, birthplace, or political opinion in hiring employees,
    and provide a work environment of respect and consideration.
  • One. we guarantee freedom of union creation, collective bargaining, and aim for common prosperity through trust between
    labor and management.
  • One. we oppose any form of forced or child labor.
  • One. we promote occupational health and safety by creating a safe and sanitary working environment.
  • One. we treat our partners fairly and support them to practice human rights management.
  • One. we respect the human rights of residents and pursue co-existence development with them.
  • One. we comply with domestic and foreign environmental laws and endeavor to protect the environment and prevent
  • One. we uphold customer value by providing convenient and honest service to customers and protecting customers' personal
    information collected during business.

We are committed to acting responsibly to protect and respect the human rights of all stakeholders wherever we work, and doing utmost to establish and promote human rights management.

2019. 12. 10.Employees of Korea Ocean Business Corporation