Seaborne freight announcement system · Shipping transaction unfair act reporting center

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Seaborne freight announcement
system· Shipping transaction
unfair act reporting center

KOBC entrusts the confirmation of freight announcement, deferment of announcement, reports and operates a center for reporting unfair acts in shipping transactions. In addition, the Corporation contributes to establishment of a fair market competition order and sound development of the shipping industry, preventing unfair and excessive competition through announcement of container ship freights and charges.

Feature and Benefit

  • Prevent unfair act and excessive competition through announcement of freights and charges
  • Guarantee the right to know by announcing the major charges borne by the shipper
  • Contributing to the market order of shipping transactions by requiring reporting of violations of shipping laws by shipping companies or shippers

Key details

  • : The person responsible for announcement reports in the PORT-MIS
Key details
Person responsible
for announcement
Operators that regularly transport container cargo among outbound cargo transportation operators,
foreign operators, and outbound passenger transportation operators
Announcement details General details such as information of Person responsible for announcement, import/export status,
container ownership and cargo types, and freight by route, container types and size, and Bunker
Adjustment Facfor, Terminal Handling Charge, Currency Adjustment Factor, Wharfage
Subject to Announcement Freights and charges applicable to all routes and services to ports in Korea as origin, destination, or
Method of Announcement The freight announcement amount shall be the average of the highest and lowest prices for each route,
and deviation between the highest and lowest shall be within ±10% of the average
(4 times a year; Mar., Jun., Sept., and Dec.).
  • : Anyone can report violations of shipping laws by shipping companies or shipper
Key details
Prohibited acts
for shipping companies
  • Receiving more or less than the freights and charges announced
  • Refunding a portion of a freight or charge already received with intention to Receive less than the freight or
    charge announced
  • Failing to perform or unilaterally changing the contract of carriage without any special reason
Prohibited acts of shippers
  • Carrying goods at a price higher or lower than the announced freights and charges
  • Receiving a refund of part of freights and charges paid through a freight bill falsely related to items or
    class of freight
  • Inducing or coercing unfair participation in a bid or signing a Contract by taking advantage of a superior position
Reporting center
operating organization
  • Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Korea Ocean Business Corporation, Korea Shipping Association,
    Korea International Trade Association