Tonnage provider Project

Tonnage Project

Tonnage provider Project

A business that involves securing tonnages through the direct investment of KOBC or adopting various financing techniques based on the KOBC’s high credit rating, and then leasing them back to domestic shipping companies.

Feature and Benefit

  • Support to acquire newbuilding ships and secondhand ships to strengthen the expertise of domestic shipping companies.
  • Support for domestic shipping company’s acquisition of ships to secure longterm charter contract including COA(Contract of Affreightment).

Main support and condition

Main support and condition
Financial structure - Investing through a ship investment company according to the Ship Investment Company Act.
- Investing through a fund structure created to finance the acquisition of newbuiliding ships and secondhand ships.
Investment amount Within the budget of tonnage provider project
Investment proportion Set by comprehensive review of internal credit rating of the KOBC, status of longterm charter contract and project feasibility.
Investment period Agreement in consideration of financial terms.
Applicable Interest Rate Arrangement in consideration of investment period and investment ratio.
* Applicable interest rate=Basic applicable interst rate(according to internal system)±discount/premium (considering project feasibility and policy factors)
Repayment method Agreement in consideration of financial structure, investment proportion and investment period.