Core service performance standards

1. Expansion and support of shipping finance

  1. ① We will help the domestic shipping industry and shipping companies to improve their competitiveness through strategic investment in domestic and overseas shipping infrastructure, including liquidity support business, ship investment business, and port terminal, and continue with efforts to improve support efficiency and realize customer satisfaction.
  2. ② Establish and implement a financial services platform to strengthen competitiveness of small and medium-sized shipping companies through shipping and port guarantee support projects.
  3. ③ Expansion of the maritime financial market through product development, attracting financial institutions, and strengthening communication with related institutions.

2. Establishing a relief foundation for the shipping industry

  1. ① We will prepare various support programs to strengthen structure of shipping ecosystems and ensure stable management of national shipping companies.
  2. ② Enhancing competitiveness of national charter by discovering and implementing policy support projects that can effectively respond to internal and external uncertainties in the shipping market.

3. Establishment of a platform for shipping industry information

  1. ① Bridging the information gap caused by changes in the shipping environment and support rational decision-making, we will periodically publish reports through our website and e-mail.
  2. ② Building a big data-based election management system as support for stable management of domestic shipping companies, establishing a position as a global shipping information agency through expansion of ship valuation business.
  3. ③ Diagnosing the shipping industry, strengthening preventive risk response capabilities of individual shipping companies and industrial competitiveness

4. Realization of social value

  1. ① We will create excellent jobs and an ecosystem for job creation in the private sector to improve the quality of life of the people.
  2. ② Establish in-house social value systems to strengthen social responsibility and develop social value realization programs related to the maritime industry and local communities.
  3. ③ Actualize ethical management by establishing a human-centered and sustainable human rights management system and fostering an anti-corruption and integrity culture.