Consulting and analysis of the shipping industry

Shipping information provision

Diagnosis and consulting of
the shipping industry

해운산업진단 및 컨설팅

Support for competitiveness enhancement by strengthening risk management competency of national shipping companies, and providing customized consulting for individual shipping companies through
data-based exogenous variable analysis.

Key details

  • Provide advisory reports of comprehensive analysis on competitiveness of individual shipping companies in the financial market
  • Estimate the shipping company's sales profit and loss, forecast, and threshold through a system by predicting shipping price
  • Strengthening competency in risk management of national shipping companies by expanding exchange with specialized organizations
  • DB-based on KOBC integrated shipping information, prepare measures to enhance corporate competitiveness

KOBC Integrated Shipping Information D/B

Integrated information system

  • Securing comprehensive financial charter information in consideration of variables encompassing overall market and industry characteristics
  • Establishment of in-house information management DB to effectively utilize internally and externally distributed data