Secondary preservation/special guarantee program for environment-friendly facility improvement

Facility finance

facility improvement
Secondary conservation
/Special guarantee

Environment-friendly facility improvement secondary conservation program is a system in which the government (Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries) conserves a part (2%) of interest in response to strengthening environmental regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).
The KOBC supports installation of eco-friendly facilities by providing special guarantees for improvement of environment-friendly facilities for purpose of streamlining financial support.

Feature and Benefit

  • Promote financial availability and reduce financial costs through the KOBC's guarantee
  • Promote policy effectiveness link with the government's secondary conservation project

Main support and condition

Main support and condition
Eligibility Of outbound cargo transportation service providers, the KOBC's credit rating is B- or higher
Target ship Owned ships (including BBCHP ships) and charter ships (BBC ships; however, sign a charter hire contract longer than the loan period)
Subject to guarantee The principal/interest of the loan contract
Guarantee ratio Within 100%
* However, within 100% of small and medium-sized shipping companies with a credit rating of 'B+~B-
Guarantee period Six years (1 year deferral, 5-year equal share of principal)
Loan ratio Environment-friendly facilities* Within 80% of the installation fund (20% or more of one’s own money)
Guarantee rate Guarantee rate by credit rating of the KOBC(1.3% ~ 1.7%)
AAA ~ A- : 1.3%, BBB+ ~ BBB- : 1.5%, BB+ ~ B- : 1.7%

Structure of support

Support structure