Container box investment program

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Container box

The container box investment program is designed to enhance competitiveness of shipping companies by providing necessary funds once
the container box, an essential business asset of a container shipping company,
is secured.

Feature and Benefit

  • Rapid customized support according to securing of container boxes by shipping companies
  • Reduce short-term cost burden when small and medium-sized shipping companies secure container boxes through financial support based on competitive policy interest

Main support and condition

Main support and condition
Supporting structure Investment of the KOBC through a fund structure created for purpose of financing new container boxes (acquisition of beneficiary certificates of funding under the Capital Market Act)
Supporting amount Support within the budget of the KOBC's container box support project
Investment proportion Apply by shipping company considering credit rating and business feasibility
Investment period Negotiation in consideration of financial conditions
Transaction currency KRW or USD
Applicable interest rate Determine in consideration of investment ratio and investment period
*Applicable interest (rate) = Basic applicable interest rate (according to internal system) ±
discount/ premium (considering project feasibility and policy factors)
Repayment method Determine in consideration of support structure, investment ratio, and investment period

Financial structure diagram

Financial structure