Investment program for port terminals and logistics facilities

Port logistics finance

Port terminals
Logistics facility investment

Port terminal·Logistics facility investment program support funds for acquisition of domestic and overseas terminals, logistics facilities, and port logistics infrastructure for shipping companies and port operators for purpose of supporting expansion of port logistics network and entry into the overseas port logistics market of national companies.

Feature and Benefit

  • Contributing to long-term and stable business operation of the port logistics business by participating as a financial investor (FI) in case of securing operation rights
    (management rights) for existing facilities and new construction and development
  • Support with various financial structures, such as equity, bond, PF, fund to expand business flexibility of applied companies

Main support and condition

Main support and condition
Investment target Domestic and foreign port terminals and logistics facilities (CY, CFS, and logistics centers)*
Supporting structure - Investment in equity and bonds of target assets (including acquisition of beneficiary certificates
under the Capital Market Act)
- Loan guarantees for port and logistics companies
Investment proportion (Equity investment) within the share of investment applicant (large shareholder)
(Bond investment) apply in consideration of collateral value, credit rating, and business feasibility
Investment period Discussion in consideration of investment structure and financial conditions
Transaction currency KRW or USD or target country currency
Investment profit rate Consider account procurement cost and credit rating, risk of host country, and investment conditions
Repayment method Agreement through comprehensive consideration of target for support, project structure, and project
feasibility results
*CY(Container Yard), CFS(Container Freight Station)

Financial structure diagram (terminal equity investment example)

Financial structure