P-CBO support program

Shipping Business Management Support (including COVID-19)

P-CBO support

The program allows the Corporation to support liquidity supply to shipping companies by acquiring some securitized bonds (posterior) when a supporting company is included in the 「COVID-19 damage response liquidation company guarantee」 of Korea Credit Guarantee Fund (the KCGF). This program is temporarily operated to help overcome challenges posed by COVID-19.

Feature and Benefit

  • Streaming financing of shipping companies through the KOBC’s acquisition of posterior bonds by expanding opportunities for shipping companies to participate in
    「COVID-19 damages response liquidation company guarantee」

Main guarantee conditions

Main guarantee conditions
Method of support Acquisition of posterior securitized bonds of the KCGF P-CBO specialized in liquidation
Eligibility Companies that comply with the KCGF's internal regulations (in-house review criteria) of shipping
companies affected by COVID-19
Credit rating Mid-sized company: External corporate bond grade BB- or higher, small and medium-sized businesses:
The KCGF's guarantee evaluation level K10 or higher
Maturity 3 years
Repayment Lump-sum repayment at maturity of principal and interest
Interest rate Classification of small and medium-sized companies and differentiation by credit rating
Purchase deadline Consider the KCGF P-CBO issuance schedule (until the KOBC’s budget is available)

Structure of support

Support structure