Customer response service implementation standards

1. Ethical practice

We shall not engage in any actions that may impede fair business performance, such as receiving entertainment or money.
We will manage customer information acquired during business processing so that it is not disclosed to third parties, except for when prior approval has been given or as stipulated by law.

2. Attitude toward customers

If visiting the KOBC

  • To make it easier for customers to find the Corporation, we will arrange signs in the vicinity of the Corporation and post a map on the website.
  • To make it easier for customers to find the person in charge, information boards for departments will be placed in the hallway, seating charts at the entrance to the office, and nameplates of the persons in charge in the office.
  • We will respond to customers promptly to ensure wait time of less than 5 minutes. If the person in charge is not available, another employee shall take the place of the customer to achieve the purpose of their visit.
  • We will keep the customer's space clean and comfortable so that there is no inconvenience.

Inquire by phone

  • We will answer the phone quickly before it rings more than three times.
  • When we answer the phone, our staff will say ‘Thank you. This is Korea Ocean Business Corporation 000 Team 000..
  • Customer inquiries shall be managed by the first employee who answered the call, and when connecting to another employee, the person in charge and phone number will be clearly indicated. In case the call is lost, we will assist you to call 000-0000 to find 000 representative?.
  • If our staff has difficulty responding immediately due to data verification, we will write down your name and phone number and reply to you within 30 minutes.
  • If the person in charge is absent, we will record your name and contact information and the reason for your call, and forward it to the person in charge.
  • When the customer is satisfied, we will thank them politely, and only after the customer hangs up will we put down our handset.

Inquiry in writing or via fax

  • We will deliver civil complaint documents to the department in charge and process the customer's request promptly, accurately, and fairly.
  • In principle, civil complaints will be responded to within five days of receipt (excluding holidays). In case of delay, we will notify customers of reasons and scheduled deadline for processing.
  • The result will be replied to you, so that the customer can make additional inquiries.

Inquiry via the Internet

  • We will earnestly collect customer opinions through the customer center on our website.
  • In principle, inquires via the homepage will be responded to within five days of receipt (excluding holidays). In case of delay, we will notify customers of reasons and scheduled deadlines for processing.

If our staff is visiting customers

  • We will contact customers in advance to clarify the purpose and content of the visit and minimize customer inconvenience by visiting at the appointed time.
  • We will arrive early, disclose the purpose of visit and affiliation, and implement the business related to the purpose of the visit.

3. Customer participation and opinion gathering

Customer participation

We will listen and humbly accept customer opinions about the KOBC's services through various channels, such as monitoring and internet homepages.

Gathering customer opinions

  • If you are unsatisfied with services provided or there are areas that need improvement, please submit your opinion on the KOBC's website, by phone, fax, or mail.
    1. - Homepage : Korea Ocean Business Corporation homepage( → Public participation → Customer opinion
    2. - Phone : +82-51-795-1500
    3. - Fax : +82-51-795-1498
    4. - Mail : (48120) ESG Management Team 7th FL., 38 Marine City 2-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, S. Korea
  • Customer opinions will be reviewed and reflected in the shortest period and results notified.

Customer satisfaction survey

To improve quality of service provided to customers, we will conduct a customer satisfaction survey at least once a year on a regular basis and announce results and improve deficiencies.

4. Corrective measures for fault services

Rapid corrective measures

In case of error or oversight by Corporation employees, and will correct the issue promptly and inform you directly of the result.

Reoccurrence prevention

If case of dissatisfaction with a specific employee, we will correct the relevant problem, apologize politely to customer, and prevent recurrence through service training.


In the event of damages to customers due to an apparent mistake by Corporation staff, the person in charge shall apologize and provide appropriate compensation.